Exercises That Can Improve Your Brain Power

Your brain is an organ consists of soft nervous tissues –you can either use it or you drop it.

The more regularly you work on exercises, the greater your executive function ability the greater your executive function, the more you are to exercise. Executive function usually includes cognitive flexibility, memory working , solve the problems or puzzles and resist impulsivity.

Individuals with low executive function contribute lower rates of participation in physical exercise.

Older adults who spent longer time on physical exercise tended to retain higher levels of executive function.

Get more exercise :

Physical exercise can enhance the flow of oxygen to your brain, which will allow your body for the better process and function. Exercises also releases cytokines or hormones that enhance your overall mood and protect your brain cells from any illness.

Endurance :

The term endurance refers to as the how long you can perform your activity. Initially on the exercises you can feel fatigued within the shorter period of time but over time you will increase your level of endurance and be able to do exercise for longer periods of time.

Cardio, strength and balance exercises are include in endurance that optimize the health for your brain and body.

High Intensity Exercises :

High intensity exercises are not only the best way to burn fat and get lean but it can also boost your brain function

Aerobic Exercise :

There is a lot of research on exercises that can improve the cognitive function.

Aerobic exercises lower the biological markers of stress. Physical activity allows more blood pumps and flow of oxygen to the brain which improves your brain power or cognitive function.

Exercise also stimulates the release of hormones and neurochemicals such as brain derived neurotrophic factor and Irisin which boost the growth of new neurons, a process called as the neurogenesis and improve brain connectivity through neuroplasticity. Combination of these all factors lead to better or improved cognitive function.

Increase level of stress hormones, cortisol and adrenaline can damage your brain .Exercise maintain these hormones level.

Spending half an hour on moderate exercise can improve the adult’s brain processing speed.

Yoga reduces the anxiety  :

In order to overcome the stress and anxiety, Yoga turning on the body’s relaxation response. Research suggests yoga can improve your mood, mental focus and concentration, enhance cognitive function and even prevent cognitive decline in older adults .Yoga and meditation practice can reduce stress.

The Effects Of Physical Exercise On Cognitive Function Of Older Adults :

Physical exercise can improve the effects of aging on the brain in order to preventing both postponing dementia, and reducing the decline in cognitive function.

The Effects Of Physical Exercise On Cognitive Function Of Children :

Children who spent a thirty minute on aerobic exercises showed improvement in reaction and response tasks, rise with the test scores as well as processing information faster after the physical activity than compared to who did not exercise.

According to the research ,increased in oxygen flow to the brain lead to improvement in mental sharpness.

Administration of supplemental oxygen can significantly improve working memory in healthy children’s as well as improving the reaction time.

Does Physical Exercise Equally Effects Both Gender ?

Exercises are better for the both genders, but there is some evidence that the exercises may be of greater benefit to older ages women because of the presence of estrogen hormone. Exercises provides the benefits of hormone therapy and improve cognitive functioning.

How Does Physical Exercise Improve Cognitive Function ?

  • A number of evidence provided after many studies that physical exercise helps to reduces decline in cognitive function due to the aging and may delays dementia.
  • The women with post-menopausal may get more benefit than older men.
  • Spend 30 minutes on the exercise programs involving both aerobic exercise and strength training have the greatest benefit .
  • Other than the age and gender, differences in individual determining how much value of exercise.
  • Exercise has beneficial effects on cardiovascular fitness and there is connection between cardiovascular fitness and brain fitness. In short, the heart is good for the brain.
  • Exercise regulates blood sugar levels and increase the flow of oxygenated blood to the brain.
  • Exercise may boost your self-confidence which may reduce anxiety and depression.
  • Exercises can increase the brain-derived neurotrophic factor which support, protect and strengthen the synapses in the brain and grow new neurons,promotes the brain plasticity and stimulate neurogenesis.

Exercise and diet :

Exercise should not be only considered without the diet. The exercise and diet both have the effect on the  cardiovascular fitness and glucose levels in the blood and both are important factors in physical and mental health.

The diet rich in an antioxidants agents helpful in delays or reducing cognitive decline due to aging.

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