Why Your Skin Look Dull And How To Get Glowing Skin

Do you ever see yourself into the mirror and feel your skin looks dull, tired and stressed even after you have put on your make up products with beauty sleep.

This is because there are many several factors which come into play to provide glowing skin.

Mostly peoples complain about skin problems and it is no wonder because work for long hours in a daily life making it difficult to maintain yourself ,are seep deprived and don’t have time to work on exercises while living in a stressed full or toxic environment .Theses conditions can deplete your overall health and skin too.

4 Ways You Are Making Your Skin Appearance Dull :

The basic principle for your skin dullness is not receiving enough supply of oxygen and blood to skin making it look weary or scary . Some of reasons which may include to this are  :

  • Your environment is loaded with dust and pollution :

One of the top reason ,it could be an environment that can dulling down your glow of skin .Your daily routine from home to office and back may affect your skin, dust settles on your skin pores giving it a dull appearance and can hamper your look in the long run.

Low humidity and harsh winds as environmental factors could be causing skin problems as well.

Sun Exposure :  The rays which are emitted by sun are harmful after a morning time .The harmful UV rays can give you a bad tan because sun remove moisturizer from your skin  making it dull .long term exposure to UV light can amplify the ageing process and increases risk of skin cancer.

  • Make Up For A Long Time :

The makeup is work as enhance beauty, appearance of all women’s but when it is applied on skin for long time and forget to remove so it can block your pores and also developed pimples on your skin .It is more important to remove your make up before you go to sleep.

Use cold cream with a remover pad instead of using a cleanser which contains an alcohol.

  • You are not eating a balanced diet :

Your skin shows you are what you eat .If your body don’t get enough nutrition your skin will appear dull. You should carefully select foods which are for eat and foods that should avoid.

If you want a radiant skin, away all processed or junk foods ,salty or excess sugar containing foods because these foods can increases swelling in tissues through fluid or water retention that retards your ideal light reflection.

There are plenty of foods that give benefits your stomach and skin too. The fruits that are rich in an antioxidant such as blue berries, strawberries, papaya, red beans and Avocado’s .

Citrus fruits like lemon are also good for your skin because they are rich in Vitamin C .

You are a smoker :

Smoking is seriously harmful for your skin and health as well .Smoking releases carcinogenic substances which is also harmful for others as well and extremely detrimental to skin integrity and structure.

Cigarette smoking can causes breakdown of collagen which are extremely detrimental for your skin because it making a skin appear dull and wrinkled over time.

  • Your stress level is on peak :

Stress can plays a major role in glowing of skin .Stress can elevate level of cortisol which can effect’s your overall health as well as skin .

Sleep Like A Baby :

To avoid stress you should take a sleep like baby with no disturbance because it can balance your irregular hormone level. Lack of sleep leading to changes in circulation including dark circles, dry, less hydrated skin with changes in oil production.

Move as you can :

Exercises are best way to glowing your skin because it enhances blood and oxygen circulation in body which can helps in nutrient exchange or supply of essential nutrients as well as high blood pump can flourish your all toxins from skin cells.

What Happens When Your Skin Suffers From These Above Reasons  :

You may feel fine lines on your skin, loss of elasticity , rough, scaly texture ,broken capillaries ,dry, lethargy appearance and coarse wrinkles .

Here is a Solution  Of All Your Skin Issues :

Zeta white is product by UK registered cosmetics company carefully manufactured as safe and sterile environment. The ingredients are 100% safe because it contains all natural ingredients. Zeta white 3 point lightening system contains lightening wash, moisturizer and night cream.

  • The lightening wash contains an enzyme rich papaya extract and lemon extract which help to reduce the amount of melanin in your skin and gives your skin more lighten appearance.
  • The moisturizer contains liquorice extract which helps to brighten your skin and also protect your skin from further darkening rays as sunscreen and shield .

The night cream removes  dead cells from your skin and stimulate a growth of new cells while you sleep.