10 Household items you can use as exercise equipment!

Summers have arrived sooner than we thought and guess what? You need to drape yourselves in cool summer clothes and you can’t let your bad body shape ruin it for you. With that said, since summers are totally hot, it can get pretty frustrating when visiting the gym everyday is in question. Moreover, who has a fortune to spend on a fancy gym with all those cool exercise equipment?

If you feel you are stuck on a budget and cannot join a gym for this reason or the other, fret no more! Simply turn your ordinary home items into amazing gym like equipment with DIY tricks and get in shape without spending a penny. For better results, get your hands on Marine Muscle Supplements and see the muscle building difference within weeks.

Here we share with you the remarkable ideas of how you can turn ordinary items present in everyone’s homes into the most amazing exercise equipment!

1.    Dining Chairs

Guess what? Chairs are not only made for sitting!
Dining chairs can be transformed into gym benches within seconds! If you want to tone your arms just like you did at the gym previously, simply grab your chair and indulge in a 3 sets, 20 reps triceps dips fluently.

2.    The Dining Table

Hosting a party? Not yet. Behold and witness the strength of a dining table when you do your standing pushups against its edges. Since dining tables are strong and are at an ideal height, what better purpose could they serve other than helping you tone your abs and arm muscles? The dining table can also be used for squats, side pushups, leg stretches, etc.

3.    Spoons

Craving to hold dumbbells for simple exercises? Simply grab your spoons and tie a rubber band to hold them in one place. Not only will they act like a 2 pounder but will also become simpler to hold compared to normal dumbbells. You can do front raises, lunges with dumbbells and so much more.

4.    Rice Bags

If spoons are too less a weight for you, grab those rice bags resting in your kitchen cabinets and turn them into heavy weight dumbbells. While the idea might take some time to sink in and you might have issues in holding the bags in each hand well, nonetheless, what is better than this make do arrangement without spending a single penny?

5.    Walls

I bet you have walls everywhere in your house. Choose your favorite wall and let it act as your personal buddy. You can use the wall to do side planks by resting your feet against the wall mid air, do standing pushups, wall sits, bridge dips, elevated pushups (by resting your feet on the wall) and so much more. Innovation is the key here!

6.    The Stairway

Stairs are best for cardio exercises while you can also use them for compound exercises. While running up and down the stairs can act like the ideal warm up, you can also use the stairs for alternate lunges, pushups, elevated pushups, triceps dips, calf muscle exercises, other leg exercises and definitely arm exercises too.

7.    The Doors

The doorframe is shaped in a great gym bar like manner and what does it remind you of? Definitely pull-ups! Do your pull-ups by simply grabbing the doorframe. Do as many reps as you can while the best part is, you can do it at any time of the day without worrying about gym timings!

8.    Rugs

How can you forget about the most essential? The exercise mat. Don’t have money to buy a fancy mat? Don’t worry and simply go for your favorite fluffy rug. In order to secure it completely, try to put its edges under the heaviest couch you have so that it doesn’t move an inch. Voila!

9.    Milk Gallon Bottles

If you are seeking a good pair of heavy dumbbells, simply turn your milk bottles (a gallon) into 16-20 pounders without trouble. The trick is to empty the bottles dry and later filling them up with sand. The sand will increase their weight within seconds. You can do your weight lifting without any trouble as you watch your Netflix movies in your living room!

10. Balls

All sorts of balls can play a vital role when you plan to exercise at home. Whereas a basket ball can act like a perfect pushup partner (by keeping two balls under both hands, you can boost your pushup results by 30%). A basket ball can also be used for calf exercises. On the other hand, get your hands on big bouncy balls for yoga style postures, for toning the hamstrings, doing crunches, back hyperextensions, plank rolls, etc.


Be sure to use all these 10 items on the list at home for an amazing summer body within weeks. Do not forget to add Marine Muscle in your diet for quicker results.