Ideal exercises and lifestyle tips to blast fat from belly for ultimate abs

When most people think about ‘Abs’, they think about a 4 pack or a 6 pack but there is more to it than just that. The abdominals, communally known as the core are the muscles which extend towards the backside, the butt and even as low as the thighs. However, if you talk about toning your rectus abdominus, you will be focusing on the paired muscles vertically placed on the anterior wall of the abdomen.

While that’s enough about the scientific description, let’s move onto the most commonly asked questions asked about abs. “How can I lose belly fat naturally?” “How can I get sexy looking abs?”. Both these questions can be answered with exercises and a proper diet on daily basis. visit DietHealthMag

For today, we will be focusing on the perfect exercises you can do to get a flat abdomen and that too, with carved abs.

Basic Tips to Blast the Belly Fat

When it comes to losing weight, belly fat can seem like the hardest area of all on the body. Nonetheless, everyone who is determined enough can lose fat over a period of time to reveal the best set of abs. Take a look below at the basic tips to follow every single day if you want abs.

  • A Proper Diet

A proper diet matters if you want to lose fat layers to achieve the best set of abs. If your diet revolves around processed foods and processed drinks, guess what? You will need to alter your lifestyle. For a perfect set of abs, you need to eat the ideal amount of protein and limit the amount of fat to the minimal. You also need to eat fruits and veggies so that you can lose fat quickly.

  • Exercise

Initially your exercise should revolve around different cardio exercises so that you can lose the excess fat to reveal the true muscle shape. Then onwards, you can try compound exercises which target the abdomen area so that you can shape your abs ideally.

  • Consistency

Consistency and commitment matters when abs are in question. You cannot exercise for 3 days in a row and then skip the next 4 just because you got busy with other chores.

Exercises ideal for Carved Abs

If you want to burn your belly fat as quickly as possible, you need to check out the following exercises which target your belly region.

  • Straight Leg Moves

This exercise works directly on your lower abdomen region and tightens the muscles from the first day.

Instructions: Lie down on the floor with back straight. Join both legs and take them up towards the ceiling, creating a 90 degree angle with your whole body. Start your exercise by moving one leg down at a time, just like scissor movements. Do up to 20 reps for one set and slowly move to 3 sets in one workout session.

  • Plank Side Twists

Planks are the ideal exercise to blast fat from all over the body. However, if you want to target your belly region directly, go for plank twists. To get into conventional planks, place your forearms on the floor and place your toes on the floor too. Push the rest of your body upwards and only take support from your arms and feet.
As for plank twists, once you have formed a correct plank position, simply twist your body from the abdominal region sideways. Do the same for the other side. Voila!

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  • Crunches with Bicycle Rotations

We all know that crunches are the perfect exercise for abs but if you want to get more out of ordinary crunches, do bicycle rotations with it!
Lie down on the floor and keep your knees bent with feet on the floor. Place hands behind the head with elbows facing outwards. Now push your legs midair and pretend to pedal a cycle. With every opposite knee facing you, reach upwards (working your abdomen muscles) by touching your opposite elbow to the opposite knee.

  • The Leg Side Raises

While you can burn your belly fat easily with tons of exercises encircling the internet, the truth is, you need to focus on your side belly region as well. For toning the sides, you can indulge in side leg raises.

Lie down on the ground facing either the left side or the right. Stack your legs on top of each other and rest your head on your arm touching the ground.
Now slowly lift your upper leg as far as you can and bring it down to the original spot. Do the same for the other leg by facing the opposite side. Do 15 reps for each side in the beginning and increase reps when you get used to the exercise.


Working of Slim Diet Patch

To lose extra body weight has become a big challenge for all obese people these days. The process of losing weight is difficult. If you are serious about losing your weight for getting a slim body, you may need to use a supplement for weight loss. The formula that can meet your weight loss goals is Slim Diet Patch.

Because of your busy routine of life, you do not like to take exercise and also, you are not ready to starve yourself in the form of dieting. In such a case when medical sciences have greatly advanced, the fastest way to lose weight is to use the supplements for weight loss.

Weight Loss and Supplements

The supplements for losing extra body weight are manufactured based on advanced medical sciences and they target each and every part of your body. After you start using a supplement, you will not need to starve. In addition, you will also not need to add a workout plan to your routine.

Among the top-quality supplements for weight loss available these days, Slim Diet Patch is the best formula. This formula follows an innovative approach to help you get slim fast. Thus, the supplement helps in meeting your goals for weight loss fast.

Here, I am going to share with you an in detail review about Slim Diet Patch. So, get this advanced fat burning product and make yourself able to live a healthy and a happy life. Now, you do not need to look for any other product for losing weight.

SlimDiet Patch – Introduction

Slim Diet Patch is an advanced 24 hours weight loss solution that works round the clock to help you get rid of extra body weight. It helps in burning the body fat throughout the day as it keeps on burning the calories every hour of the day. Now, there is no need to keep remember that it is the time to take your diet pills.

With this weight loss solution, there is no need to follow any strict diet plan or a workout plan. What is needed is an exercise of a moderate level and a healthy and a balanced diet. Thus, the exercise and a healthy diet help in increasing the efficiency of this product designed for weight loss.

If compared to other products for weight loss, this product is powerful and it is safe for your health. In addition, it is reliable as it gives guaranteed weight loss results. So, if you get the product, you will not need worrying about the associated side effects other weight loss solutions do offer.

It provides a complete support to your body for weight loss. The ingredients in it help in boosting the functionality of your digestive system.  This, as a result, helps in enhancing the ability of your body to burn more body fat. Thus, it helps you get slim fast.

Working of Slim Diet Patch

How does Slim Diet Patch work? The process it makes use of to help you get a slim body is a transdermal delivery.  After you have placed it on your skin, your body will get all the nutrients and the minerals it has for weight loss. If you have a weak memory and you do not remember that when to take the diet pills, this is an ideal weight loss formula for you.

Benefits You Will Get:

Slim Diet Patch formula for weight loss has added benefits for you. Some of the main advantages of using this product are

ItStimulates Fat Burning

It helps in burning the extra body fat fast.  It keeps on burning the fat throughout the day. The advance solution for weight loss not only helps in burning the existing storage of fat in your body, but the formula also prevents a buildup of fat in your body. Thus, the solution helps you get slim fast and easily.

It Boosts Metabolism Rate

Another benefit of the product is that it helps in boosting the rate of your metabolism and this process continues throughout the day. Thus, while eating anything during the day, you will not have to worry about your metabolism.

It is a Quick Formula

The advanced product for weight loss shows fast results. Thus, within a few weeks, you will see a change in your body shape. It comes with a money back guarantee of 60 days. Thus, it is going to show its results within 60 days fast.

It is Easy to Use

This is an easy-to-use product as it is available in the form of a patch. Thus, as compared to diet pills for losing weight, the use of this patch is simple. What you need is simply placing in on your skin and it will start working to melt your extra body fat. Through, transdermal delivery, your body get the ingredients that help in weight loss.

Thus, there are many benefits of using this advanced weight loss product. It helps in losing extra weight safely and fast as well.


The product effective for getting rid of extra body weight is composed of three main ingredients. These are

  • Seaweed Extract
  • Acai Fruit Extract
  • Green Tea Left Extract

Seaweed Extract

This ingredient is extracted from kelp. It is loaded with a variety of minerals and antioxidants. In addition, it also has other important compounds that help in weight loss.  By enhancing the rate of your metabolism, it helps your body burn calories at a faster rate. Moreover, it also boosts the levels of your energy.

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Acai Fruit Extract

Slim Diet Patch is one of the most powerful ingredients for weight loss. It is loaded with amino acids and fatty acids. These are the nutrients that play a vital role in burning the storage of fat in your body. In addition, the nutrients also maintain your health when you are losing weight.

Green Tea Left Extract

Green tea extracts also helps in boosting the rate of your metabolism that is vital for weight loss. The ingredient is also loaded with antioxidants. The compounds in it speed up the process of fat burning and help you get a slimmer body fast.

Side Effects:

The product contains all natural ingredients. There are no side effects of these ingredients on your health. However, if you have a sensitive skin, you will face a little irritation on your skin as you will apply the patch on your skin.

Final Words:

To conclude, Slim Diet Patch is an advanced weight formula composed of all natural ingredients. It is easy to use and powerful. The use of it helps in a faster weight loss without exerting any side effects on your health.


10 Household items you can use as exercise equipment!

Summers have arrived sooner than we thought and guess what? You need to drape yourselves in cool summer clothes and you can’t let your bad body shape ruin it for you. With that said, since summers are totally hot, it can get pretty frustrating when visiting the gym everyday is in question. Moreover, who has a fortune to spend on a fancy gym with all those cool exercise equipment?

If you feel you are stuck on a budget and cannot join a gym for this reason or the other, fret no more! Simply turn your ordinary home items into amazing gym like equipment with DIY tricks and get in shape without spending a penny. For better results, get your hands on Marine Muscle Supplements and see the muscle building difference within weeks.

Here we share with you the remarkable ideas of how you can turn ordinary items present in everyone’s homes into the most amazing exercise equipment!

1.    Dining Chairs

Guess what? Chairs are not only made for sitting!
Dining chairs can be transformed into gym benches within seconds! If you want to tone your arms just like you did at the gym previously, simply grab your chair and indulge in a 3 sets, 20 reps triceps dips fluently.

2.    The Dining Table

Hosting a party? Not yet. Behold and witness the strength of a dining table when you do your standing pushups against its edges. Since dining tables are strong and are at an ideal height, what better purpose could they serve other than helping you tone your abs and arm muscles? The dining table can also be used for squats, side pushups, leg stretches, etc.

3.    Spoons

Craving to hold dumbbells for simple exercises? Simply grab your spoons and tie a rubber band to hold them in one place. Not only will they act like a 2 pounder but will also become simpler to hold compared to normal dumbbells. You can do front raises, lunges with dumbbells and so much more.

4.    Rice Bags

If spoons are too less a weight for you, grab those rice bags resting in your kitchen cabinets and turn them into heavy weight dumbbells. While the idea might take some time to sink in and you might have issues in holding the bags in each hand well, nonetheless, what is better than this make do arrangement without spending a single penny?

5.    Walls

I bet you have walls everywhere in your house. Choose your favorite wall and let it act as your personal buddy. You can use the wall to do side planks by resting your feet against the wall mid air, do standing pushups, wall sits, bridge dips, elevated pushups (by resting your feet on the wall) and so much more. Innovation is the key here!

6.    The Stairway

Stairs are best for cardio exercises while you can also use them for compound exercises. While running up and down the stairs can act like the ideal warm up, you can also use the stairs for alternate lunges, pushups, elevated pushups, triceps dips, calf muscle exercises, other leg exercises and definitely arm exercises too.

7.    The Doors

The doorframe is shaped in a great gym bar like manner and what does it remind you of? Definitely pull-ups! Do your pull-ups by simply grabbing the doorframe. Do as many reps as you can while the best part is, you can do it at any time of the day without worrying about gym timings!

8.    Rugs

How can you forget about the most essential? The exercise mat. Don’t have money to buy a fancy mat? Don’t worry and simply go for your favorite fluffy rug. In order to secure it completely, try to put its edges under the heaviest couch you have so that it doesn’t move an inch. Voila!

9.    Milk Gallon Bottles

If you are seeking a good pair of heavy dumbbells, simply turn your milk bottles (a gallon) into 16-20 pounders without trouble. The trick is to empty the bottles dry and later filling them up with sand. The sand will increase their weight within seconds. You can do your weight lifting without any trouble as you watch your Netflix movies in your living room!

10. Balls

All sorts of balls can play a vital role when you plan to exercise at home. Whereas a basket ball can act like a perfect pushup partner (by keeping two balls under both hands, you can boost your pushup results by 30%). A basket ball can also be used for calf exercises. On the other hand, get your hands on big bouncy balls for yoga style postures, for toning the hamstrings, doing crunches, back hyperextensions, plank rolls, etc.


Be sure to use all these 10 items on the list at home for an amazing summer body within weeks. Do not forget to add Marine Muscle in your diet for quicker results.

Kim Kardashian Ass Break the Internet Yet Again!

The eye candy for every fan Kim Kardashian recently flaunted her body and lost about six pounds of weight, which she credited to the flu, the fans are going crazy but this is as true as she confessed herself.

Kim Kardashian Ass

“The flu can be an amazing diet. So happy it came in time for the Met lol,” she wrote. Fans took notice of the six-pound weight drop and began speculating the Instagram mogul’s current weigh-in.”

Kim has inspired millions of people with her weight loss strategies and as an expert in body looks.

Kim Kardashian 2017The mother of two children gained about 60 pounds after her second pregnancy, her progress to drop weight was well documented all over on social media.

Kim started to set a goal to drop 70 pounds right after her pregnancy and believe it or not, she dropped about 40 pounds in just 3 months by March 2016.

After this Kim finally saw herself nearing her weight loss goal.

It was august 2016 when the selfie queen reached to 125 pounds, this is the lowest weight that Kim had achieved in her whole lifetime.

Even after reaching to 125 pounds, Kim decided to drop five more pounds.

Rumors for February 2017 indicated that Kim weighed around 122 pounds to which she wants more 7 pounds to be gone, so until now we suspect that she might have achieved that goal as well.

Kim had to work so much on her physique since the gorgeous lady also starring in Keeping Up With the Kardashians show which is all about the number on the scale.

Even though Kim has achieved every goal, she has been setting for her body, but the audience on twitter have another dimension to see the things and efforts.


A post shared by Kim Kardashian West (@kimkardashian) on

 “So the key to being skinny is starving, got it,” one fan wrote, and another said, “Can you please stop with this? Illness is not a way to get slim.”

From her daily updates on Snapchat, at least we are so much sure that the weight loss was the result of hard exercises and workout, simply not the flu.

Keeping up with the Kardashian is gaining much fame than any other show that a family of celebrities run.

Kim Kardashian look

The show is actually based on Khloe Kardashian interviewing people who have had worse past experiences and now they want to bring a transformation in their bodies.

Further, some of the mind jolting questions will also be asked like “Why you are so angry?” and what else they are going through, after which some of the trainers and dieticians will guide them to start a worthy dietary and exercise regimen.

Kim Kardashian partyThis show can attain some heavy amount of fame since the fan following of Khloe has been way too high, plus the overweight people can take sort of benefit from this show as it is also meant to tell them about some of the weight loss tricks.

Summer bells are ringing and just in time, Kim Kardashian is officially the skinny sister.

Kim’s sister Khloe Kardashian has recently displayed her “Revenge Body” to the social media which has gotten a massive amount of public’s attention but side by side Kim had always been behind the scenes losing maximum weight and her fans are absolutely noticing.

Kim had a rough and hard time after giving birth to Saint West her second child. Like every mother, she was suffering from overweight and abnormal appetite issues.

But the star remained stagnant in keeping her fitness goal since she has a tremendous number of fans following throughout the world.

In an interview with people magazine right after her pregnancy Kim said “My butt and my hips are the last to go, but I’m not stopping!” she told People.

Hey New York

A post shared by Kim Kardashian West (@kimkardashian) on

“After having two kids, and being able to get in shape and still feel good about myself, I’ve never felt better. I worked my ass off, I’ve altered my life and I’m proud of that.”

Every time there are different tactics which a star disclose to the media regarding their weight loss.

When it comes to Kim Kardashian, she has a unique dietary regimen along with an exercise and workout.

Her dietary regimen a.k.a Atkin plan has 15 vital steps which are also called Kim’s footsteps.

Above millions of people have adopted this choice of diet to this day because they Diva has introduced this to them.

Kim Kardashian Atkin Diet Body

The Atkin plan includes:

  • Cutting Starch and Sugar from your diet. Use of sugar should be minimum.
  • Add protein diet in every meal of yours, Kim always consumes four to six ounces of protein at breakfast, lunch, and dinner. These proteins help oneself to eat less.
  • The Atkin plan pushes her to use natural fats in her diet instead of the manufactured Trans fats, which is bad for health in daily use.
  • Make the Meal preparation simple so your appetite won’t fluctuate.
  • Skip the fast foods, nuggets, junks and things that include Buns
  • Eggs for breakfast is a healthy stunt for weight loss
  • Consume more vegetables and less sugary fruits
  • Drink plenty of Water
  • Dairy products are acceptable for Kim as the latest research indicates that daily serving of dairy can help in lowering blood pressure as well as body weight.
  • Post workout nutrition, which helps your body to meet your calorie requirements. Mainly includes a punch of protein and carbohydrates.

Kim Kardashian may not have inspired her fans in any other ground but in the matter of staying fit and sexy, she certainly has started her own trend which millions of people are following to this day.

She is a highly self-motivated person which is why her each trend goes viral amongst her fans.